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Beyond Glass Ceilings: Advice for Female Entrepreneurs

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Nextavenue.org published an article titled “Beyond Glass Ceilings: Advice for Female Entrepreneurs” written by Jennifer Nelson. The article is about how starting a business is a considerable learning experience and female entrepreneurs must quickly learn what does and doesn’t work if they want to grow a company. To better understand the experiences of women entrepreneurs, they spoke with several successful businesswomen from a variety of industries.  Andrea Bertola Shaw was featured in their reporting. Read full article here.

Excerpt from the article: Andrea Bertola Shaw, founder of The New York Website Designer, says that starting her business journey in the male-dominated tech industry was both challenging and exhilarating.

“In a field where women are still underrepresented, I initially felt the pressure to conform to the prevailing norms,” she says. “However, a seasoned mentor emphasized that my unique perspective, shaped by my experience as a woman, could set me apart in the crowded tech space.”

Instead of trying to fit in, Shaw learned to leverage her distinct voice and creative approach.

“Rather than shying away from my feminine insights, I began incorporating them into my designs,” she says. “This not only helped me stand out but also resonated with a broader audience. Clients appreciated the fresh and inclusive perspectives I brought to the table, ultimately contributing to the success of my projects.”