What Does It Mean to Be a Successful Woman in Business? 2019 Edition

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Creative Click Media wrote an article on their blog titled “What Does It Mean to Be a Successful Woman in Business? 2019 Edition” written by Olivia Garrison. In celebration of Women’s History Month, they asked women entrepreneurs and professionals across the country to share their definition of success as a woman in business. Andrea Bertola Shaw was thrilled to be featured among this eclectic group of powerful women.  Read the article here


She was quoted in the following section:

Being a successful woman in business means being proud and confident in my abilities, especially in the male-dominated tech industry. It also means supporting other female entrepreneurs. I go out of my way to seek out women vendors and work with my fellow women-owned businesses.”


Citibank: Game Changing Tech Innovations for Small Businesses

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Citibank wrote an article on their blog titled “Game Changing Tech Innovations for Small Businesses.” Andrea was asked to share the technologies that has made her life much easier in key areas of her business. Read the article here

She was quoted in the following section:

Small business owners wear many hats, and without the proper resources in place, things can fall through the cracks. That’s why Andrea Bertola Shaw, a website designer and owner of The New York Website Designer LLC, swears by Táve.

She uses the product forms to capture client leads on her website, which are then automatically added to her saved list of contacts. She uses the automated systems to send proposals and contracts and request electronic signatures. Shaw also likes the automated tools that send invoices and set invoice reminders.

Type-A – The Business of Blogging

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Type-A – The Business of Blogging wrote an article titled “Get Your Affiliate Links Ready For Q4.” Andrea was asked to share a strategy that bloggers can use to make the most of the
monetization opportunities that present themselves in Q4. Read the article here

She was quoted in the following section:

Start Early – the Shopping Season is Just 33 Days Long
Andrea Bertola Shaw of The New York Website Designer LLC recommends that both bloggers and brands get started early to capture the biggest slice of the consumer’s budget:

Every year people are starting to shop for the Holidays earlier and earlier. This year, the official holiday shopping season will have 33 days. Brands should try to get early holiday shoppers before the first 6 days of the holiday shopping season (Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday). That way, there are more consumer dollars available to them.

Bloggers can prepare for the holidays in the following ways:

  • Each week, write a post with different holiday gift giving guides. Examples: Top 10 gift ideas for Mom/Dad/Brother-in-Law.
  • Pack your posts with links to your items (or affiliate links).
  • Offer a discount with an expiration date of two weeks after the post is published.

Honored at Giving Network Gala

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Andrea was honored at The Giving Network’s annual gala for her work designing and maintaining their web site. The event was featured on the Bridgewater Patch. The Giving Network is an all-volunteer nonprofit charity in its 15th year of service in Somerset County.

DNA Info – Local Moguls

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DNAinfo/Serena Solomon

Andrea was interviewed by for an article in the “local moguls” section about freelancing. They talked to her about her New York web design experience, the freelance lifestyle and her advice for new freelancers that are just getting started. Andrea is always thrilled to give her opinion as an in-demand expert in the web design and marketing industry. Check out the article, “Thinking of Striking Out Alone? Here’s How Much it Costs to be a Freelancer” by Serena Solomon.

Advanced Photoshop Magazine

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Andrea Bertola Shaw was interviewed by Advanced Photoshop Magazine for their 100th Issue. For this special article they wanted to reach out to some of the biggest names in the creative world and Andrea was honored to be chosen as one of them! They talked to her about her use of Photoshop for her graphic design clients. They even featured some of her logo designs on the cover page of the article!


225 225 New York Website Designer – The News Leader in Luxury Marketing interviewed Andrea for an article entitled “How luxury marketers can entice purchase by using sound in digital marketing.” Rachel Lamb’s article details how luxury brands are using sound to communicate with consumers via the Internet. Andrea was thrilled when she was asked to provide her opinion as an “industry expert”. She was able to provide a lot of detailed information about the use of sound in relation to luxury website design, so if you are interested, be sure to check out the article.