Entrepreneurs Speak: Navigating Challenges and Opportunities for Women in Business

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Medium.com published an article titled “Entrepreneurs Speak: Navigating Challenges and Opportunities for Women in Business” written by Jed Morley. The article was about how women entrepreneurs still face unique challenges and opportunities in the business world. To better understand the experiences of women entrepreneurs, they spoke with several successful businesswomen and men from a variety of industries.  Andrea Bertola Shaw was featured in their reporting. Read full article here.

Excerpt from the article: “Since 2006 I have had the pleasure of helping hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners launch their businesses and websites. I see firsthand the challenges and opportunities that women entrepreneurs face. I believe I have had such tremendous success in this typically male dominated industry by remaining true to myself. I’m confident in who I am and the hard work it took to get me to this place. I know I’m a trailblazer and that confidence helps me help others.”